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United Kingdom
Ordered a white magnetic glass whiteboard for my home office. Board was delivered within 4 days of the order and was a good match for my needs and better value than some other *** were offering. Fixings (raw plugs and screws) are good for a solid brick wall. alignment is tricky and you need to get this almost perfect (you can get a millimeter or two adjustment by knocking the fixing with a hammer to align but not much - take your time! The 150 x 120 board I bought has 4 fixing points which means the board has a little flex in the middle but it doesn't feel fragile at all or problematic to write / draw on. The board is quite heavy and requires at least two strong people people to install.


Micro HDMI cables

Micro HDMI
Gold-plated connectors
Made with durable materials
Minimal interference
Sharp prices
Micro HDMI cables

Mini HDMI cables use the same technology as regular HDMI cables, but have a different connector. The mini HDMI connector is a type D connector which is much smaller than the regular type A connectors, making it ideal to use with portable device like tablets.

We offer a wide range of micro HDMI cables, all of which use OFC (99,99% Oxygen Free Copper) conductors. These cables are well-shielded and the connectors are gold-plated to minimise electromagnetic interference.

Please make your choice from the overview as presented below. Contact our expert customer service desk for personal advice.

Inc. 23% VAT
• Connector A: Micro HDMI Male
• Connector B: HDMI Male
• Length: 1 m
• Gold plated: YES
• Conductor: 99.99% OFC
Inc. 23% VAT
• Connector A: Micro HDMI Male
• Connector B: HDMI Male
• Length: 3 m
• Gold plated: YES
• Conductor: 99.99% OFC

Inc. 23% VAT
• Connector A: Micro HDMI Male
• Connector B: HDMI Male
• Length: 5 m
• Gold plated: YES
• Conductor: 99.99% OFC