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United Kingdom
Everything was great, pinboard is good quality, though i think the hanging brackets could be of slightly better quality as they don't really hold the top frame of the pinboard that well.


Instrument cables

Durable quality
Extra robust connectors
Maximum reliability
Crystal-clear sound quality
Sharp prices
Instrument cables

Musicians are the most demanding when it comes to cables. Not only does the cable have to transport an audio signal without any quality loss, it also has to withstand intensive use on stage, during practice sessions and on tour. Both the core and the exterior of the cable are tested to their limits. We offer a wide range of XLR, Jack and patch cables.

Our guitar cables come in Classic and Professional quality. The Classic version, with it's sturdy cable jacket and high quality conductors, will satisfy every need of demanding musicians. The Professional cables exceeds the Classic version with it's gold plated connectors, thick copper core and even sturdier cable jacket. The perfect choice for musicians that doesn't want to make any concessions as it comes to quality.

Please make your choice from the overview as presented below. Contact our expert customer service desk for personal advice.