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Coax cables: RG 6 Coax

THE coaxkabel
F or IEC connectors
Quadruple shielding
Dielectric isolation
Sharp prices
Coax cables: RG 6 Coax

The RG 6 is a thicker and improved version of the RG 59 cable. It is better shielded and isolated, uses a thicker copper core and can be used over greater distances.

Our RG 6 cables are available with a fitted F or IEC connector or per meter as a Do-It-Yourself set. With a BC conductor, a 1.02 mm core, quadruple aluminium shielding and a dielectric isolation of 4.57 mm FPE a clean signal is assured for distances up to 10 meters. The rigid cable has a diameter of 7.62 mm.

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